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Introducing the GCR Alliance

GCR Alliance is a network of specialist international real estate firms that seeks to assist clients who;

  1. Are wealthy by international standards

  2. Are generally based in a newly developed economy or somewhere where there is political, economic or social instability

  3. Want to internationalise their lives by;

  • Obtaining residency or a second citizenship that offers a second passport

  • Owning real estate in international cities that are considered safe havens

GCR Alliance members assist these demanding clients by sourcing high quality real estate investment opportunities in both gateway cities and in countries where the purchase of real estate conveys the right of either residency or citizenship. Presently, GCR Alliance members have access to prime real estate investment opportunities in London, New York, Miami, Portugal & Spain (Golden Visa scheme) and Grenada, Caribbean – 2nd Citizenship with Commonwealth Passport.

Join the Alliance

Being a member of the GCR Alliance Network is an excellent base from which to build a highly profitable business.

Importantly, if you invest £200,000 into your business (either individually or with a partner) and you meet certain other criteria, then your GCR Alliance Membership may qualify you for residency in the UK under the Tier 1 entrepreneur’s scheme (Subject to suitability and status).

There are many advantages of establishing your UK business in the GCR Alliance;

  • support through the business plan element of the immigration process

  • A profitable “business in a box” alliance network opportunity

  • The opportunity to work in the exciting global real estate and second citizenship market

  • The support of a world class team

  • The opportunity to use your skills and contacts to develop a highly profitable business

We believe that a good member of the GCR Alliance can generate excellent profits from the outset. In addition, providing you meet the criteria, membership of the GCR Alliance offers a solid, immediate and fully supported route to making a Tier 1 Entrepreneur´s visa application.

You will have the opportunity to put your education and contacts to excellent use whilst developing first-hand experience of running an international business.

All the complications, expense and administration challenges are either taken care of by us or by you with our extensive support.

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