European Union Golden Visa  - EU Residency by Real Estate Investment
European Union Golden Visa  - EU Residency by Real Estate Investment

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"Golden Visa" programs have been introduced by a number of Southern European Countries to promote foreign direct investment.

A golden visa is an unofficial name given to a type of Visa available in a number of EU countries that offers the holder and his legal dependents residency for a fixed but temporary period. It offers the the right to live, in many cases work, and travel visa free throughout the Schengen area of the EU.

Qualification by certain types of investment. In all cases the visa is renewable as long as the investment is maintained.

There are many reasons why people want to obtain long term residency in a stable European country. These reasons range from making European travel easier through to access to world class education and healthcare for your family. Whatever the primary motivation, residency can provide you with the personal and financial mobility you need to become a global citizen as well as set you on the potential path to permanent European citizenship.

Below are a list of some residency benefits that are most commonly quoted by our clients and primary motivators.

    If your current country of residency is politically unstable, there is civil unrest or another threat to your security due to crime or terrorism; you may need to move abroad for a long period of time and at short notice. An alternative residency option could be critical in protecting you and your family.
    If your current country of residency imposes restrictions on the free movement of capital, residency status in a European country could enable you to move your capital internationally with greater ease and privacy as well as making access to world leading financial institutions easier.
    If your home country allows or pursues intrusions into your personal affairs, or you are concerned that changes are likely to reduce your right to privacy, an alternative residency option can be very helpful. It can enable you to spend extended time in a country which protects your privacy and will give you the time and anonymity you need to deal with your personal and financial affairs efficiently.
    If your current country of residency has limited education opportunities, then residency in Europe could help could help your children access the world’s best education opportunities with greater ease and lower expense.
    If your country of residence restricts your travel or your nationality restricts your travel through the imposition of visas and charges then this can severely impact your ability to travel and do business globally. European residency can ease this substantially across most of Europe and other Schengen countries.
    European countries have some of the world’s best health care facilities. As a resident you will have easy access to these facilities which can greatly aid you or your family at a time of medical need.

In Summary it gives you a Choice

European residency can help enhance your existing wealth protection and investment strategies, improve your personal security, increase your privacy, make travel easier and give you and your family the choice of where to live, work, travel, invest or study. To have these choices and benefits is the privilege of today’s modern, global citizen and through European residency you are able to be part of this global elite.

GCR offers real estate opportunities in both Portugal and Spain which are in whole or part of the investment criteria to obtain a golden visa and subsequently residency.

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