Golden Visa Spain - EU Residency with Visa Free Schengen Travel
Golden Visa Spain - EU Residency with Visa Free Schengen Travel


The so called "Golden Visa" programs have been introduced by a number of Southern European Countries to promote foreign direct investment.

A golden visa is an unofficial name given to a type of Visa available in a number of EU countries that offers the holder and his legal dependents residency for a fixed but temporary period. It offers the the right to live, in many cases work, and travel visa free throughout the Schengen area of the EU.

Qualification by certain types of investment. In all cases the visa is renewable as long as the investment is maintained.

Spain is the most economically and politically important country to offer a Golden Visa program. The other leading European economies of Germany, United Kingdom, France and Italy do not have a comparable program (in terms of cost, simplicity and benefit).

Spain’s program commenced in September 2013 with the introduction and passing of the new Entrepreneurs law. This has coincided with significant positive developments in the Spanish economy and real estate market. The Residence Visa is valid for 1 year and is the step prior to obtaining the Residence Authorization / Permit.

The permit is renewable every 2 years can after 5 years can convert to permanent residency

There are 3 different types of qualifying investment available under the New Entrepreneur law.

  • €500,000 euro investment in real estate - This can be a singular property or number of properties / land
  • A minimum capital transfer of €1,000,000 euro into a Spanish Bank or Company
  • A €2,000,000 euro minimum purchase of Spanish debt bonds

There is an additional qualification criteria through setting up of a company and the creation of employment. Our focus is Spanish residency through a 500,000 € investment in Spanish property or properties.

The requirements to qualify are:

  • To not have entered Spain illegally or have overstayed a previous Visa.
  • Be over the age of 18
  • To not possess a criminal record from the country or countries where the applicant has resided in the last five years
  • To not be not considered as an undesirable individual within any of the states with which Spain has a relevant treaty with.
  • To contract private health insurance with an authorised insurance operator in Spain.
  • Show sufficient income and capital to provide for the applicant and their immediate family. This is usually through a deposit in a Spanish bank account.
  • To not be resident in a country that appears on Spain’s black list of “Fiscal Paradises” .
  • To have made a investment in property or properties / land of a minimum unencumbered value of 500,000 euros which has been registered or in a process of being registered with the Property Register.*

*In July 2015 a few important changes were made to law to make the visa more attractive to investors including investment in off plan property

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