Residency by Real Estate Investment Spain
Residency by Real Estate Investment Spain


Spain's real estate market saw massive growth throughout the 1990's and 2000's in terms of value and indeed numbers of properties being built.

This boom came to a sudden halt at the end of 2007 and from then onwards Spain's property market has been in free-fall with most properties losing between 30 to 50% in value. The world down, huge overstock, lack of credit, over valued and over priced property has been the cause.

Values are now at the level last seen in 2003. There is still a huge amount of stock but most this is found on the outskirts of new dormitory towns or vast urbanizations on abandoned golf courses or 3rd and 4th line coastal developments. It is Global Citizen Realty's view that most of this will continue to fall in value and represents very little in the way of a reasonable medium or even in some cases long term investment.

However, it is clear that there has and always will be a demand for front line coastal and particularly city centre property due to the limits of supply.

The decrease in price per square metre has almost stopped in Spain's major cities and in the case of Barcelona, has recently just posted it's first quarterly increase. The other major cities are expected to be flat and later during 2014 post small but important increases.

It is no coincidence that a recent global real estate report by KPMG stated that 81% of global real estate investors have stated their interest to increase their investment in Spanish Real Estate. The report further stated that according to their research Spain is now ranked 2nd in the world for the best opportunities for real estate funds.

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